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HMBHS Health & Wellness Committee

The Half Moon Bay High School Health & Wellness (H&W) Committee was formed in order to address issues surrounding the mental and physical well being of our students. The committee is comprised of faculty, staff, parents and students. If you would like to provide input please email the committee at:


In order to create a committee culture where we all feel safe, supported, open, trusting and productive, we agree to work toward these agreements:

Communicate productively:

  • Be honest
  • Listen to everyone
  • Ask questions
  • Dialogue respectfully
  • Stay focused on the task & issues

Be open to all possibilities:

  • Include perspectives from all stakeholders
  • Consider history & point of view
  • Be flexible
  • Stay open-minded

Focus on commonalities:

  • Be a community member
  • Recognize we are equal stakeholders
  • Be willing to be vulnerable
  • It's OK to call each other by first names

Respect our differences:

  • Leave personal biases behind
  • Be patient
  • Assume positive intent
  • Value a balance of voices


2019-20 HMBHS Health and Wellness Committee Meetings
4:30 - 6:00 p.m.
HMBHS Library

Monday, Sept 9

Monday, Oct 7

Monday, Nov 4

Monday, Dec 2

Monday, Jan 13

Monday, Feb 3

Monday, March 2

Monday, April 13

Monday, May 4

Monday, May 25



Vaping has become our biggest health and wellness concern. Below are some links to great resources and information you can access:

Thinking Big About Learning
Videos feature leaders from diverse fields talking about their work to better understand and improve learning. Visit this link to access the videos.

What can parents do to help children pique their interest in Math?
Given the performance and test-driven culture of our schools, with over-packed curriculum and stressed out students, what can parents do to transform math for their children?

DOWNLOAD advice and resources adapted from at Stanford University.