Physical Education Exemption

Physical Education Exemption 

All students must pass two years of Physical Education to meet state high school graduation requirements. Students may qualify for an exemption from 10th grade PE if the student:

  • has successfully passed one year of 9th grade PE AND
  • passes the five standards assessed in the 9th grade Physical Fitness Test (FITNESSGRAMOR
  • participates in school-sponsored athletics (one season of a sport equals one semester of PE); participation in athletics that would qualify for an exemption can be in any season in 10th through 12th grades 

Please click on the link below to access the 10th Grade PE Exemption Form for participation in school-sponsored athletics as well as temporary and permanent medical exemptions.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the state high school graduation physical education course requirements?

All students are required to pass two years of physical education in order to be eligible to graduate from high school, unless the pupil has been exempted pursuant to the provision of the California Education Code (EC).  (EC Section 51225.3)

If my child participates in Athletics during their freshman year, will they be exempt from 10th grade PE?

No. To qualify for the 10th grade PE Exemption via Athletics, participation in HMBHS Athletics must occur during the 10th - 12th grade years.

My child only plays one sport at HMBHS. Would they still qualify for the exemption?

Yes. One full season of participation in HMBHS athletics is equivalent to one semester's credit of PE. For example, if your child only plays soccer, then playing soccer during their sophomore year and again during their junior (or senior) year, they will qualify for the exemption (two seasons of athletics = 2 semesters of PE).

What steps does the student need to take to request the Athletics exemption?

First, complete the form and submit it to their counselor. Second, participate in at least two seasons of HMBHS Athletics during their 10th - 12th grade years. Counselors, Administration, and the Athletic Director will confirm participation and ensure the student's transcripts reflects a grade of P (Pass) for 10th grade PE.


Pro: Being exempt from 10th Grade PE opens up a spot in the student's schedule where they can either enroll in an elective course or have an open period in their schedule (note that 9th-11th graders are required to be enrolled in at least 6 classes and 12th graders in at least 5).

Con: Students who choose the exemption will have a "P" on their transcript for 10th Grade PE, indicating that the student earned the 10 PE credits required for Graduation. The "P" does not have an affect on the student's gpa. This could be considered a con if the student would rather take the course to earn a grade that could benefit their gpa.

Who can I contact for more information or to help answer my question(s)?

You may contact Assistant Principal, Deanna Tower , to help answer your questions about the PE exemption. You can also consult your child's counselor to ensure the exemption is what's best for your student's academics. 

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