Kindness Challenge

The Kindness Challenge is intended to spread as much kindness as possible. We challenge you to do one act of kindness every day. If everyone takes part, the world we live in will get a little better each day. Share your stories of kindness with us and you could be featured on our Stories of Kindness page. Email us at [email protected]. and let us know what joy you brought to the world!

Here are 10 easy ways to be Kind

1. Listen and Show Interest to Others

2. Show Compassion

3. Give Genuine Compliments

4. Offer Help

5. Say Please and Thank You

6. Consider the feelings of others, especially when making decisions.

7. Give A Gift to Someone.

8. Do something for someone else.

9. Be Patient

10. Always Remember to Smile!


  • Hold a door open for someone

  • Compliment someone

  • Offer someone your pen/pencil

  • Pick up a piece of trash

  • Greet a teacher

  • Buy someone a drink

  • Offer to take a photo for someone

  • Tip a server

  • Help a student who is struggling

  • Go talk to someone new

  • Let someone else choose what to watch on TV

  • Make lunch for a sibling

  • Help younger siblings with homework

  • Do a sibling's chores for the day

  • Attend a campus beautification day

  • Engage in someone else's favorite activity

  • Start a conversation with someone

  • Ask how someone's day has been

  • Invite someone to play a game

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