Attendance & Front Office


7:30am - 4pm
Monday - Friday

Attendance  Christine Woodbridge (650) 712-7200 ext 2749
Administrative Assistant Sonja Krieger  (650) 712-7200 ext 3479
ASB Accounting Technician Yadira Acosta (650) 712-7200 ext 3323
Bilingual Community Liaison Ana Carrillo Cardenas (650) 712-7200 ext 12406
Health Aide Eliana Rodriguez-Ruiz  (650) 712-7200 ext 12450 
(enrollment, transcripts)
Marianne Alvarez
(650) 712-7200 ext 12408

Reporting Absences

To report your child's absence, please contact:

Attendance Clerk
ext 2749

  • Press 2 for English OR Press 1 for Spanish
  • Speak slowly and include your child's name, date, and reason for absence

Note: A doctor's note may be required if a student is absent from school for 14 or more illness absence events.

Leaving During the School Day

If a student needs to leave campus during school hours, for reasons such as medical appointments, the student must bring a note to the attendance office in the morning or have their parent/guardian call in advance of the appointment. Students will be issued an orange off-campus pass without disrupting classes. Students are expected to show this pass in order to leave campus.

If a student needs to leave due to illness, parent/guardian permission must be given, in person or by phone, prior to the student leaving campus.

School Activities and Absences

Students may participate in a school activity if they have attended at least two classes (block schedule) on the day of the activity. This includes sports, musical presentations, or other school events occurring both on and off campus.

Extended Absences

Students temporarily disabled by accident or by illness may receive individual home/hospital instruction when a student is expected to be out of school for at least two (2) weeks. The student will be placed on Independent Study until the home/hospital instruction is in place. Independent Study programs may also be initiated to accommodate students with special circumstances.

18 year-old Students

All students are subject to the school's attendance policies regardless of age. If attendance or discipline issues become a problem for any eighteen year-old student, he or she may be dropped. If an eighteen year-old student lives with his/her parents, then (1) the student will not be allowed to sign in or sign out for themselves  and (2) the school will remain in contact with the parent until the student has graduated.

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