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Peer Helpers


Peer Helpers is a class led by Ms. DeMartini and supported by our Counseling Department. In this class, the students learn how to help and advise their peers with the issues that come up inside and outside of school. This is a class filled with people who are willing to help any peer with the issues that they face. Please contact Peer Helpers or any of the counselors to get any help you need! The Peer Helpers class is located in D-5 this year during 1st period, but the Peer Helper students are happy to meet any student any time of the school day!



Peer Helpers are giving back to our campus in a HUGE way through awareness and education! We are kicking off spring Wellness Week with our Peer Helper led presentations on Monday March 16th in the MU from 2nd-6th period!!

These full period presentations include a 30 min psycho-educational presentation on a topic relevant to HMBHS, and also a personal testimonial from 1-2 of our brave students who will be sharing how this has affected their lives and how other students can get support :)

Teachers are welcome to bring their classes to all, or any, of the presentations. Ask your teacher if your class is attending!



2018 - 2019 Peer Helpers class

*not pictured: Nate Feix and Gillian Fee

Peer Helpers

2017-2018 Peer Helpers class

Peer Helpers
2016-2017 Peer Helpers class


SOY stands for Strengthen Our Youth. The SOY program is focused on counseling and education through the use of group and individual therapy, during the school day. The goal of SOY is to help build resiliency skills for the students, increases knowledge and awareness of drugs and alcohol, build positive peer connections, learn stress and conflict management, set goals and achieve those goals, and to strengthen and promote healthy family and community bonds. All services are confidential, but the names of students and anything that the counselor feels would affect the student's school life will be shared wit the school administration.

If this sounds like something you, as a student, or as a parent, would like your student to participate in, please contact the front office (650)-712-7200 or email the counselors.

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These are sources anyone can use to get into contact with help outside of HMBHS.