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Great News! HMBHS will have an SAT School Day for our students!


The SAT School Day will be offered for SENIORS only
on October 28th, 2021. Remember if state or county
guidelines change due to the pandemic this date/time
can be changed or cancelled.

***More details will be released during the fall of 2021.
Students please pay attention to announcements and
news updates.

SAT Link: For Center Based Testing **Not on school

If you would like to register for the SAT you can using
this link: 


***Due to COVID some centers are closed and
The College Board has updated information on
SAT Test Center Closings. 

Please visit this link: 


***Please make sure your contact information and
email address is up to date as The College Board
will contact you regarding refunds and
cancellations of future SAT dates. 

SAT Test Dates for 2021-2022

***Note these dates can change or be canceled

***These are also the dates available during our
school year. 

***For students with accommodations there will
be no testing after the school year ends. 

Anticipated SAT Dates:

August 28, 2021

October 2, 2021

November 6, 2021

December 4, 2021

March 12, 2022

May 7, 2022

June 4, 2022


To register for the ACT exam follow this link: 


***Due to COVID exams can be canceled at any time if
a test center closes. Check your MyACT account for
more information and make sure your account and
contact information, email address is up to date. 

For information from ACT regarding testing during
COVID see this link: 


For Student & Parent Resources for the ACT please see
this links: 



ACT Test Dates for 2021-2022
***Note these dates can change or be canceled.

**These are also the dates available during our
school year. 

***For students with accommodations there will
be no testing after the school year ends. 

2021-2022 Test Dates (National)

Test Date Regular Registration
Late Registration Deadline
Late Fee Applies
Standby Deadline
Photo Upload Deadline
September 11, 2021 August 6 August 20 September 3
October 23, 2021 September 17 October 1 October 15
December 11, 2021 November 5 November 19 December 3
February 12, 2022 January 7 January 21 February 4
April 2, 2022
February 25
March 11
March 25
June 11, 2022 May 6 May 20 June 3
July 16, 2022 June 17 June 24 July 8

SAT/ACT Resources: 

-To see a list of colleges that don’t require the ACT/SAT
scores or have optional choices please visit:

ACT Test Prep (Free)

SAT Test Prep (Free)

Critical Issues

  • Still focus on academics! Grades do count during the senior year.

  • Pay attention to the deadlines for all applications (admissions, housing, financial aid, scholarships etc...)

  • If you have not sent your SAT Reasoning and/or ACT scores to the colleges you're applying to - send them now!

The SAT link for sending scores is: 

The ACT link for sending scores is: 

Please follow the instructions given regarding 
Transcript Requests. Please follow the protocol for
requesting Letters of Recommendation from Teachers
& Counselors.

PLEASE STAY INFORMED! Listen to the announcements,
check School Loop frequently, visit the HMBHS website,
and the websites of colleges, universities, and programs
of interest! This will serve you well!







Students typically begin taking the SAT and/or ACT in the spring of Junior year

Test preparation available on the above sites, at www.princetonreview.com, privately, and through CSM at http://communityed.smccd.edu


What's the difference? Click here!


  • Aptitude exam - measures a student's projected aptitude or ability for learning in higher education
  • Questions go from easy to difficult in most sections
  • Non multiple-choice questions included
  • Math accounts for 50% of score
  • Math covers Algebra I & II and Geometry
  • Writing Section is required
  • Vocabulary emphasized
  • No English grammar
  • No Science section
  • Score Choice allows you to choose scores reported to colleges


  • Achievement exam - measures a student's knowledge and understanding of various high school subjects
  • Easy and difficult questions mixed within sections
  • Entirely multiple choice
  • No penalty for guessing (leave nothing blank!)
  • Math accounts for 25% of score
  • Math covers Algebra I & II, Geometry and Trigonometry
  • Writing Section is optional
  • Vocabulary less important
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