Independent Study PE

Independent Study Physical Education (ISPE) is designed as a way for exceptional athletes to fulfill their Physical Education requirement outside of the school day. Students applying for ISPE must meet the qualifications outlined in Administrative Regulations 6158.1 summarized in this document. Please read this carefully before proceeding with the application process.

Two classifications are used at the high school level: (Year long course- 10 credits, Grades eligible: 10, 11, 12)

  • Type A ISPE is designed for students involved in outside of school athletics as well as CIF sanctioned athletics.
  • Type B ISPE is designed for students that compete in three Half Moon Bay High School, CIF sanctioned sports per year and qualify under specific criteria.

All ISPE students must have an established background and regularly compete (outside of class) in the physical activity for which students are requesting independent study (minimum of three years) and meet the following prerequisites:

  • Grade of 'B' or higher in P.E. Core 1-2
  • Completion of and PASS the 9th grade Physical Fitness Test
  • Attend mandatory monthly meeting to review attendance, progress on goals and athletic team participation
  • Complete all assignments and turn them in on time
  • ISPE Administrator signature required
  • Completed application packet and meets criteria for ISPE-Administrative Regulation No. 6158.1
    • Application must be completed and submitted with your course request form
  • Administrative approval required

ISPE Type A ("Off campus")

To be eligible, students must meet several criteria (may be met through an off-campus activity or a combination of CIF sanctioned sports and off-campus activities):

  • Ongoing participation in a competitive activity for at least three years
  • Be instructed by a certified coach
  • Compete in at least 400 minutes of activity per 10 school days
  • The program belongs to a recognized organization (i.e., Royal Academy of Dancing, U.S. Tennis Association, etc.)

Expectations for Type A students:

  • Students must be supervised by their certified coach during ISPE.
  • Students will remain active in their program for the entire school year. Dismissal from the program for any reason, including injury, will result in credits being withheld.
    • All forms can be found online at

IMPORTANT: Late documents will not be accepted. Turn in all documents by dates listed on the Grade Report.

ISPE Type B ("Three Sport")

Requires successful completion of three high school offered, CIF-CCS sanctioned, sports. 10 credits are earned at the completion of the third season on a pass/fail basis. There is no partial, or by semester, credit granted. Please contact the HMBHS Physical Education Department Chair or your counselor for further information. Students enrolled in ISPE Type B:

  • Will receive a PASS or a FAIL (no letter grades) based on whether or not the course requirements were met
  • Will enroll in six additional courses (a full load) at HMBHS

Expectations for Type B students:

  • Students must read and agree to abide by the Cougar Code of Conduct outlined on the back of this document (complete version can be found at
  • Students who fail to complete all three seasons for any reason, (i.e., medical/injury, grade ineligibility, violation of the Code of Conduct, etc.) will receive ZERO credit for the entire year
  • Coaches retain the right to hold try-outs and cut students from any team
  • Students must remain active on each season's roster by having excellent attendance at practices and being ready to compete at all competitions and attend all team functions
  • The ISPE coordinating teacher will consult with coaches regularly to confirm student participation

IMPORTANT: Students will not receive course credit at the end of the first semester. They will receive 10 credits at the successful conclusion of three sports in the second semester.

For more information about specific classes and academic pathways, please refer to our Student Planning Guide.

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