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Personal Learning Plans (PLPs)

We look forward to working with you this year! Our counselors have an open-door policy and emphasize comprehensive counseling services. This means that any student may meet with his or her counselor regardless of the nature of the concern or question including but not limited to academic, social, and emotional issues. Students may request an appointment through the sign-in computer at the Attendance Desk. Counselors make every attempt to meet with students within 1-3 days of a request or as soon as possible if the student indicates that he or she is in crisis. Parents and guardians are highly encouraged to contact the counselor with concerns and questions and/or to make an appointment by phone or email.

In addition to individual support, the Counseling Department at Half Moon Bay High School has developed and continues to improve the PLP or Personal Learning Plan Program to ensure that all students receive academically focused counseling services specific to their needs at each grade level. Please click on the links below for a brief overview of PLPs by grade level for the 2019-2020 school year.

9th Grade PLP
10th Grade PLP
11th Grade PLP
12th Grade PLP


If you are interested in the following electives, please click on the link below to download an application to submit with your course request. (links will be uploaded soon)

Also, if you plan to take an Advanced and/or AP course for next year, please make sure to attach a signed and completed Adv/AP Contract to your course request. You will not be placed in an Adv/AP course if this is not complete. We highly encourage all students to take a well-balanced schedule that accommodates students' academic and enrichment interests.

Lastly, if you would are interested in signing up for a summer course at CSM, Canada, and/or Skyline Community College, please click here for more information about the external course request and enrollment process.