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Registration Documents



Thurs., Aug 13th : Last Names A to K

     8am - 10am: Last Name A - B
     10am - 12pm: Last Name C - D
     1pm - 3pm: Last Name E - G
     3pm - 5pm: Last Name H - K
Fri., Aug 14th : Last Names L to Z
     8am - 10am: Last Name L - M
     10am - 12pm: Last Name N - Q
     1pm - 3pm: Last Name R - S
     3pm - 5pm: Last Name T - Z

A parent or legal guardian is required to attend Registration in order to sign a legal document that contains confidential student, parent/guardian, and household information. Without this signed legal document, student schedules will unfortunately not be released.

Se requiere un padre o tutor legal para asistir a el registro con el fin de firmar un documento legal que contiene estudiante confidencial, padres / tutores, y la información de los hogares. Sin este documento legal firmado, no se por desgracia a conocer los horarios de los estudiantes.

2020-2021 FORMS

A. Census Form (will be mailed to you  with the Registration Letter)

General Permission Form

C. Annual District Notification Packet 
(signature page only/página de firma solamente)

D. Student Residency Questionnaire

E. Student Device Acceptable Use Policy 
(signature page only/página de firma solamente) 
      English / Spanish

F. Chromebook Acknowledgement of Receipt
     English/ Spanish 

G. Emergency Release/Reunification Form 
(one for each student in your household/una para cada estudiante en sua casa)

H. Student/Parent Handbook Form 

Additional Forms, if applicable
Military Opt-Out Letter
(Optional Form for Juniors and Seniors/
Formulario Opcional para grados 11 y 12)

Parking Permit Application

K. Cougars Booster Membership Form

HMBHS PTO Donation
     English/ Spanish

(Friends of Cougars in Concert)

N. Grad Night
        English/ Spanish

O. Application for Free and Reduced-Price Meals/ 
      Solicitud de comidas gratis o a precio reducido
      Llene una solicitud por hogar

      English / Spanish

P. CUSD Migrant Enrollment Form

Additional forms for counseling, athletics, community service, and more can be found on our Forms link.



  • Health Coverage Form  
  • Student Accident Insurance Plans At-a-Glance
  • Student Accident and Health Insurance Enrollment Forms - English / Spanish

New Students to CUSD

  • Registration New CUSD Student  

               English / Spanish